In order to register your child(ren) in sports at SMMA, each calendar year your family must purchase $50 in raffle tickets, AND either:


  1. Work 15 hours of Concession Stand Duty (3X 5hour shifts) OR
  2. BUYOUT of Concession Stand Duty $100.00 per shift OR
  3. Combination of above satisfying $300 or 15 hours, such as $200 of BUYOUT and 5 hours concession stand duty, $100 of BUYOUT and 10 hours of concession duty.
Your family obligation funds our sports programs and helps to provide our children with the best possible facilities, equipment and uniforms. Your obligation will be automatically tracked and accrued in this system.
New parish families registering children in sports for the very first time ever at SMMA are required to perform 1 Intramural Activity Shift (2.5 hrs).
Any parish family participating in Intramural sports regardless of any additional stewardship will be required to ASSIST with their intramural team on Monday/Saturday concession duty 1X per seasonal sport. i.e t-ball/soccer/basketball/volleyball. This requirement is only to assist in serving/cooking and not intended as a full work duty.