Equipment & Uniforms



Coordinator Phone Email
Corey Mitchell (Equipment)
Jamie Thoms (Uniforms)


Uniform Deposits
There is a $30 refundable uniform deposit.  You will be asked by the coach for this deposit.  If you wish you may write us a check nd we will not cash that check unless the uniform is not returned.  If you give the coach cash we will return cash back to you upon receipt of the uniform.  If you fail to return your uniform you will be billed $75 for the replacement, and your account will be locked until the uniform is returned or the replacement is paid for.
Equipment will only be handed out at the first practice or game.
CYC Sports
Equipment will be handed out after the final registration for that sport. This would be approximately three weeks before the season.
Announcements for all handouts will be in the SMMA bulletin and/or Athletic Association website, and will be announced at the general meeting.
No special arrangements will be made for handouts. If the manager, coach or any parent can make it to the handout date, equipment can be picked up after the following general meeting.
No equipment is to be used on any non-CYC sport, such as indoor soccer or other 'club' teams.