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Coordinator Phone Email
Jeff Door


Steward Obligation
If this is your first registration of the calendar year, you will be required to fulfill your Stewardship Obligation during this registration.  If you choose any combination involving raffle tickets, you will be REQUIRED to pay for the raffle tickets DURING the registration process.  Your tickets will be mailed to you within one week. Remember, you can redeem them yourself, or resell as you like for the raffle drawings beginning May 1st.  If you already received an exemption this calendar year, it is still valid.


CYC Waiver 
If you are a member of another parish or live outside SMMA's boundaries you must contact your parish sports association and ask for a waiver to play at SMMA.Fees are paid to SMMA however your stewardship is owed 1 duty per sport per family.To determine if you are in or outside of SMMA's boundaries click here.


CYC ID Cards
CYC requires the use of ID's cards for each player in CYC leagues.  CYC cards are obtained through a $5 yearly charge per child play CYC sports when registering through Team Sideline.


Uniform Policy
If you fail to return your uniform you will be billed $75 for the replacement, and your account will be locked until the uniform is returned or the replacement is paid for.


Intramural or CYC
Intramural teams are for younger Pre-K, K, and 1st and second grades depending on the sport. CYC teams are for older kids but dependent upon sport. When registering be sure to register your child in the correct division (Intramural or CYC).