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Intramural teams are for younger children (Pre-K - 2nd grade) depending on the sport.  CYC teams are for older kids but dependent upon sport. Please be sure to confirm you are selecting the right sport based on your child's age (Intramural or CYC).


Age Groups: PreK - 2nd Grade
Season: April through June
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Jeff Door    


Age Groups: 1st - 2nd Grade
Season: December through March
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Nate Matthews    


Age Groups: PreK - K
Season: September through October
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Hello future soccer stars!!! The SMMA intramural soccer program is set up to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn the basics of soccer all while having fun with friends. We accept all kids going into or attending any preschool or kindergarten. Our volunteer coaches will teach them basic individual and team skills in a supportive and fun atmosphere. There are multiple benefits for the kids....great exercise, improving motor skills as well as socializing with both kids they know and new friends. We want to teach them the basics of the game as well as the idea of working as a team. We want each child to improve against how they started...not against how other kids started.
The season consists of 10 sessions made up of drills and informal scrimmages. Each session will include a 1/2 hour practice focused on individual skills and a 1/2 hour of small sided games to develop a fundamental foundation of team play. The 10 sessions are once a week and last about an hour, typically Mondays from 6-7pm with a couple Saturday day games as fields are available. We start after Labor Day and try to finish up around Halloween. Hope to see you and your little ones on the pitch this fall!