Policies and Procedures


Coordinator Phone Email
Denise Erickson
No Show Policy
POLICY FROM 2015 - If you fail to show up for your work assignment and you have not contacted the Concession Stand Scheduler prior to your assignment, you will be required to pay $100 for your missed assignment. You will not have an opportunity to reschedule your shift. Your account will be locked and you will not be able to sign up for another sport until payment has been made.
Rainout Policy
If your shift is rained-out you will NOT receive credit for your Work Duty Assignment(s). All rained out concession stand shifts must be either rescheduled or BUYOUT of $100. Workers have 2 weeks to reschedule their shifts. After 2 weeks you will be required to BUYOUT of $100. Your account will be locked until payment has been made. IF you START a shift and a rain-out occurs your shift will be considered fulfilled as long as you have signed the shift log.
Emergency No Show
If at the last minute you are unable to fulfill your obligation and you are not able to find a replacement, please notify the Concession Stand Scheduler. Consideration will be made for emergency situations at the discretion of the Athletic Association Board.
The schedule for the concession stand work assignments is developed prior to knowing how many teams and how many games will be played for a particular sport season. In addition, CYC schedules games at our facilities. The SMMA Athletic Association does not have control over the game schedule. Consequently, dates and times in the work assignment schedule are not always needed. The SMMA Athletic Association reserves the right to cancel concession stand shifts. Workers will be given as much notice as possible. Workers are required to re-schedule their work assignments or purchase BUYOUT of $100 in order to fulfill their Calendar Year Stewardship Obligation. This policy also applies to rained-out shifts. Workers have 2 weeks to reschedule a canceled work assignment. After 2 weeks you will be required to purchase a BUYOUT of $100. Your account will be locked until raffle tickets have been purchased.
To Cancel or Change your Work Assignment
If you would like to change your scheduled time, please contact the scheduler and an updated available list will be sent you. Once you have selected a new date and time, please email your requested change to the Concession Stand Scheduler ( Requests are filled as they are received. An email confirmation will be sent to you. Change requests must be received seven (7) days prior to your scheduled work date.
Job Duties
Working at the concession stand consists of preparing food and drink, grilling outdoors, serving food and drink, and cleaning up after the shift. Clean-up includes outside trash cans, picnic area, rest rooms, and cleaning the inside of the concession stand.
Soda is complementary while you are working. We ask that you pay for any food that you eat.
Age Limit
Parishioners must be 21 years of age or older to work the concession stand. Exceptions to this rule can be made at the discretion of the Athletic Association Board in order to allow individuals under 21 to work the concession stand for the purpose of fulfilling service hours.