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About Our Program

The Athletic Association is a community effort to provide a Catholic/Christian environment for our parishioners, young and old, to participate in sports -baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball & basketball.

Volunteers from the parish run the organization, and meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the cafeteria, at 8:00pm.

The Athletic Association has direct impact on our students beyond the field. They contribute to the Bible presentation for all 6th graders in the Fall, and they offer 4 scholarships each year to graduating students who have participated in sports. Major funding for these and all their activities is achieved through Calendar Raffle with daily winners.

Our Mission


SMMA Athletic Association relies on your volunteer support. Every parent of a child in an athletic program throughout the calendar year is a member of the association.
As members, it is your obligation to support, with your donated time, those activities and fund raising programs as sponsored by the association.

Association Board

Title Name Phone E-Mail
President Dan Volansky 314-550-2056 president@smmasports.org
Vice-President Keith Louis 314-894-2319 vice-president@smmasports.org
Treasurer Jeff Torrence 314-686-5855 treasurer@smmasports.org
Secretary Kelly Huck 314-249-8376 secretary@smmasports.org
South County CYC Rep Keith Louis 314-894-2319 scounty-cyc@smmasports.org
Registration Amy Strickland registration@smmasports.org
Equipment Jayson Stranger 314-596-7004 equipment@smmasports.org
Concession Stand Scheduling Dan Schoen 314-809-8045 concession-stand@smmasports.org
Concession Stand Maintenance Dan Schoen 314-809-8045 conc-stand-maint@smmasports.org
Uniforms Mike Flanagan 314-277-5667 uniforms@smmasports.org
Fundraising/Raffle Melvyn Verbeck 314-651-9902 raffle@smmasports.org
Information Technology Peter Uthoff 636-579-2041 it@smmasports.org